Our waiting list is now open!!

Sphynxwillow currently breeds hairless Sphynx, Elf & Bambino and is registered with Australian National Cats Inc (ANCATS).

I have been breeding both dogs & cats of various breeds for over 35 years.

Our breeding cats have been imported from Russia, Germany, Ukraine & the USA. Sphynxwillow is the foundation breeder of the Elf breed in Australia.

At Sphynxwillow I strive to produce healthy, strong, beautiful kittens that are as close to standard as possible.

All Sphnyxwillow breeding cats were screened for HCM until November 2019. Unfortunately, after this date there have been no cardiologists available to perform additional screening due to COVID-19. As a DNA test became available for HCM in January 2021, we are currently arranging for swabs to be sent to the USA for testing. We will update this information when results are received.

At times throughout the year, I have kittens available as family pets. These kittens go to their new homes:

Desexed (non-negotiable)
Vaccinated (x1)
ANCATS registered pedigree

My kittens are raised on a raw balanced diet with NO kibble. It is a requirement for ALL kittens to be continued on this raw diet for their entire lives.


What to expect when

Adopting from Sphynxwillow

To adopt a kitten from Sphynxwillow, please aware of the following non-refundable fees:
Waiting List Fee ~ $500
Reservation Fee ~ $1,000
Cancellation Fee ~ $500

When a kitten is offered to you, this offer is only valid until end of business day.

Should you not pay the requested reservation fee by this time, the kitten is considered available and will be offered to the next person on my waiting list.

People on our waiting list will always get first option to adopt when I have a kitten available.

Full adoption fees for desexed pets are:
Sphnyx – from $2,500*
Sphynx Dominant Blue Eyes – from $3,000*
Elf – from $3,000*
Elf Straight – from $2,500*
Elf Dominant Blue Eyes – from $3,500*
Bambino – from $3,500*

My kittens are typically ready to go to their new homes between 12-16 weeks of age, however, this can vary between individual kittens. The decision on when each individual kitten can go to its new home is at my discretion and will be based on the individual needs and best interest of the kitten.

Flights can be easily arranged to most cities across Australia at the buyer’s expense. Flight cost quoted will include transportation, and a new crate with bedding which you will be able to keep.

* Depends on sex and colour